Highlighting a school’s heritage while adapting it to today’s vision

by Ofentse Sefolo
Highlighting a school’s heritage while adapting it to today’s vision

Collège Sainte-Anne and Taktik design teamed up once again to rethink the main floor of the high school. Their goal was to create an innovative and dynamic place that encourages spontaneous encounters while also integrating the history of the institution founded in 1861 by the Sainte-Anne Sisters in Lachine.

The second floor needed to be redeveloped and the design team managed to restore all oak woodwork, giving a second life to the architecture of the past. The second floor is the busiest floor of the college as it includes the main entrance, classrooms, as well as the high school’s management office. The redevelopment initiated renovation on all floors and the team was careful to highlight the building’s heritage details while adapting the premises to today’s educational vision.

Concerned with the traceability and the development of the materials, Taktik design recommended the use of solid wood from Quebec and was careful not to denature the beauty of the raw material. The goal was to respond to the expected functions by putting structural materials in the spotlight, with maximum added value and minimum transformation work.

Large interior windows were added to the deep ledges to provide students with a working space within the corridors, while ensuring plenty of natural light in the hallway that was previously absent. Underutilised rooms were transformed into colourful workrooms for collaborative work and moveable as well as height-adjustable furniture was added. Built-in furniture along the windows provided an additional place to work individually or to gather in small groups on the benches, while providing storage space for the teachers.

For more information, visit www.taktikdesign.com or www.v2com-newswire.com to which full thanks and acknowledgement are given.

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