High speed – exceptional polishing equipment

by Madelein
High speed – exceptional polishing equipment

For exceptional speed and performance and greater control, invest in a HNS 1550 polishing machine. This super-high speed machine is great for enhancing shine, burnishing and completing the polishing job in record time.

The impressive 1500rpm cleaning speed not only enables an efficient polishing job, the three multi-directional wheels allow the machine to be operated in any direction such as backward and forward or side to side in a straight line. The operator can now clean in any direction, improving stability and cleaning performance even more.

When using the appropriate chemicals, achieving a wet gloss finish on floors is easy thanks to the high pad speed. The machine is permanently attached to a drive board which saves the user having to buy their own drive board separately. The drive board is a PadLoc-type board with a central locking ring to retain the cleaning pad, ensuring it stays centralised and attached to the machine during cleaning routines.

The large 500mm drive board size means that an area can be covered faster during cleaning routines, saving time, achieving the results needed quicker. For an exceptional cleaning experience, the HNS 1550 polishing machine is an excellent investment.

For more information contact Numatic on +27 (86) 168 6284 or via www.numatic.co.za.

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