An iconic and well-known landmark in the Cape Winelands, the farm Groot Parys Lifestyle Estate in Paarl, is immersed in history.  

Located on the farm, the award-winning Groot Parys Lifestyle Estate is passionate about its traditions, surroundings and sustainability. The estate makes the most of countryside living, with large windows and stacking doors that offer beautiful views of the gardens set against the Boland mountains. 

Award-winning architecture 

Groot Parys Lifestyle Estate was a winner in the multiple-residential architecture category in the International Property Awards. With this award, the lifestyle estate has been recognised for its leading Cape Karoo architecture, which epitomises modern farmhouse architecture and incorporates energy-efficient and eco-friendly elements. It is designed for buyers over 50 who are looking for comfort, space and elegance. 

Supplier of choice 

Speaking on the choice of REHAU for the fenestration, Johan Pauw, co-developer of Groot Parys Lifestyle Estate, explains that they were looking for products with a high build standard for this premium development. The long warranty provided by REHAU aligned with its long-term planning for the development, and the robust mechanism suited the requirements for the estate. 

“The uPVC product we chose complements the Cape Karoo architecture and it was exactly what we were looking for,” says Pauw. 

Custom product specifications 

REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors were used throughout the development. Given the specific weather conditions of this part of the Cape, the uPVC product is well suited to manage the sun, rain and high winds, while the double glazing insulates and reduces noise from the outside, all within the specified budget. 

Slimmer frames for picturesque views 

In the first phase a thicker frame was used for the windows, and a custom-designed slimmer frame was installed in the second phase of the development. White was chosen as the colour for the frames as it weathers well and it was covered by a 10-year warranty by REHAU. 

Phase 1 was supplied with the 60mm Ecotec system and Phase 2 with the 36mm Pure Line system, which has been specifically designed for the needs of the African continent. 

REHAU uPVC double glazed uPVC windows typically have a U – Value of 2.2 W/m2K and a SHGC of 0.5. 

Sound reduction is in the order of 37 dB for the double-glazed systems. 

Customer support 

“To close the front porch, which most people do, requires a study to be done to ensure that the building regulations are respected. This can be a costly exercise, but REHAU has stepped in and assisted with all the calculations, making the approvals process so much easier. We are very happy with both the product and service,” says Pauw. 

The REHAU REF software has the ability to calculate the individual U – Values and SHGC for each unique window. This greatly assist the architect in terms of rational design and to optimise the fenestration design. 

Issue: Sourcing a high-quality fenestration solution with a robust mechanism and exceptional sealing qualities to facilitate the ambient temperature for a lifestyle estate. 
Solution: REHAU uPVC windows and doors provided a custom-designed solution well suited to the environment, with maximum energy efficiency and exceptional support. 

Energy efficiency 

“The energy efficiency of the homes at Groot Parys Lifestyle Estate is extremely high,” says Pauw. Ambient temperatures within the homes are well controlled. Even in the heat of the summer, the use of air-conditioning is the exception rather than the norm. 

The roofs have three levels of insulation, which in combination with the energy efficiency of the REHAU fenestration solution reduce the energy costs by up to 60%. “This is important for the development, ensuring low running costs for the residents,” says Pauw. 

These modern homes are also solar-ready, so residents can easily convert to off-grid living if they choose to. 

For energy saving and custom fenestration solutions, contact REHAU Window Solutions: 

Tel: +27 82 809 7206 



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