High-performance insulation gives architects more design freedom

by Tania Wannenburg
High performance insulation gives

A new insulation product by BASF offers the ideal combination of low thermal conductivity and an open porous structure.


Last year, BASF presented their new high-performance insulation called SLENTITE at the world’s largest plastic fair in Düsseldorf. Since then, the company has made their new, organic polyurethane-based aerogel insulation material available to the scientific media.

The product features extra-low conductivity and is now available as a solid panel. SLENTITE has a nano-porous structure and it permits insulation of 25-50% slimmer than conventional materials, according to Dr Marc Fricke of the advanced materials and systems research team.

This thin, solid panel-type insulation offers architects more freedom in terms of design and creativity. One of the reasons why BASF was able to create an insulation product that is generating so much interest from the design and construction industry, is the fact that they were in ongoing consultations with customers when creating and optimising the product.

Dr Nils Mohmeyer, new market development manager at BASF, says they spent a great deal of time talking to companies in the construction and refrigerator industries.

“These early and direct consultations have also given us a better understanding of the requirements of the insulation market as a whole,” said Mohmeyer.

The next step in launching this open porous, low thermal conductivity product is commissioning a full-scale pilot plant in Lemförde, which is set to take place early next year.

“The future of building construction faces many challenges. With such an innovative product as SLENTITE, we want to help to solve some of these problems by piloting novel applications with our project partners and successfully launching them on the market,” concluded Dr Friedhelm Lehrich, vice-president of business management construction.

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