High-performance insulating material piloted

by Darren
High performance insulating material

BASF’s SLENTITE® high-performance insulating panels offer a glimpse of the future of insulation.

The first samples of the new SLENTITE® high-performance insulating material are being produced at a pilot plant in Lemförde, Germany, commissioned by BASF.

Based on a polyurethane (PU) aerogel material, it can be manufactured in the form of a heavy duty panel delivering efficient and slim insulation that is also space-saving. The large-sized insulating panels will initially serve the optimisation of the performance profile and will subsequently be supplied to selected cooperation partners.

Architects, designers and building owners are constantly on the lookout for new materials for efficient building insulation that also offer plenty of design freedom. With this new PU aerogel, high-performance insulating material, BASF is offering a glimpse of the future of insulation. SLENTITE® combines all the key properties of a forward-looking insulating material for both new construction projects and renovation.

High performance and heavy duty
With a lambda value of 17mW/m•K, SLENTITE® achieves the best possible insulation for a mechanically strong panel. The high-performance product is suitable for interiors and offers architects ample design freedom.

It also scores with its minimal space requirements and excellent moisture regulation, which adds to a pleasant interior climate. The panel can be handled dust-free and processed just like conventional construction products.

Customised climate management
“With its blend of properties, SLENTITE® contributes to customised climate management and opens new opportunities in the construction sector for meeting the challenges of the future. The commissioning of the pilot plant is an important milestone on the way to market launch in the coming years,” states Knut Hoffmann, head of marketing construction and responsible for SLENTITE’s market launch.

Dr Marc Fricke, SLENTITE®’s project manager, adds: “SLENTITE® is unique. With the pilot plant up and running, we have achieved an important goal and can soon start supplying samples to selected partners. What’s more, we are now in a position to develop an industrial-scale production process.”

Plant operation kicks off
The new plant started operation in April this year, after 18 months of planning and construction. Numerous firms from the local area were involved in the project and the plant was installed by plant engineering specialists working to specific instructions from BASF engineers.

“We are very pleased to have been able to execute such a complex and novel project on time with our competent and enthusiastic team,” says Dr Hermann Bergmann, group leader for polyurethane research. “Now it’s a question of fine-tuning the production process.”

Dr René Lochtman, managing director of BASF Polyurethanes GmbH, also stresses the positive impact of development from the laboratory to the pilot stage. “By investing in new technologies like the SLENTITE® pilot plant, we have succeeded in building on our very good position on the insulating materials market and strengthening the Lemförde location.”

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Website: www.basf.co.za / www.slentite.com

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