High performance floors cradled by tyres

by Ofentse Sefolo
High performance floors cradled by tyres

A major floor supplier can now provide a unique form of green raised flooring using rubber crumb cradles made from recycled truck and car tyres that can be used as high performance acoustic and sports floors. Cradle packers and timber battens overlaid with chipboard, plywood or hardwood are the main components of the KBAC Raised Flooring InstaCradle system which can accommodate a variety of floor coverings.

Guy Park, head of the KBAC Raised Flooring division, says installation of the system and the rubber crumb cradles, which have a 60-year guarantee, is simple and cost-effective. He says the floor cradles are made from recycled rubber and are loose laid so they don’t need to be fixed to a sub-floor and can be adjusted to suit varying finished floor heights.

“No levelling screeds are needed and there are no delays to allow for concrete drying times as levelling onsite prevents uneven floors. The KBAC Raised Flooring InstaCradle system is long lasting, high quality and can be designed as a raised floor accommodating an underfloor or as a floor providing high standards of acoustic performance – and no maintenance is needed,” says Guy.

Excellent benefits of the system
• Excellent acoustic performance
• Can provide a void for services or underfloor heating
• Cradles are unaffected by water
• Cradles can be used in areas of abnormal loadings
• The system can accept a range of floor finishes including ceramic tiles
• Hardwood floors can be unobtrusively nailed direct to timber battens
• Structural loading minimised due to light weight system

For more information, contact KBAC:
Tel: +27 (11) 608 4270 or +27 (21) 462 3446
Email: infojhb@kbacflooring.co.za and infocpt@kbacflooring.co.za
Website: www.kbacflooring.co.za

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