High gloss concrete flooring at the JHB Country Club

by Madelein
High gloss concrete flooring at the JHB Country Club

The Sandton based Johannesburg Country Club, one of the finest golfing facilities on the African continent, recently underwent a revamp.

The architect, Vedhant Maharaj from Rebel Base Collective, contracted Charlie Nienaber from JCE Concrete Solutions to add a high gloss polished finish to the floors at the JHB Country Club. The project started on 1 July 2020 and was completed on 16 July 2020.

Some of the challenges on the project included uneven concrete, cracked and chipped joints and a visually dull concrete floor. Henk Viljoen, Technical Sales Manager at Mactool, says the project called for brass inlays in the joints, but that these had to be reset for a visually appealing result.

“The brass inlays and the joints had to be grinded flat and reset into the concrete. The tools that were used helped us achieve the high gloss floor that has become a focal point at the country club,” says Henk.

Heavy duty diamond equipment
JCE Concrete selected Scanmaskin equipment to recut and flatten the surface. Using the Tool-Co polishing system, they managed to achieve the desired high gloss finish that Vedhant required.

“The Tool-Co polishing system provided me with a better initial cutting that showed the aggregate quickly. We were able to see the difference between each phase of cutting and polishing clearly because of the streamlining of the stages. This site was polished to a 400# polishing stage to ensure that the floor was not to slippery when wet. After the application of the sealer and the burnishing stage, a high gloss finish was achieved,” says Charlie.

The floor was polished to high gloss using the Tool-Co polishing method, which ensured that the architect and client knew what the floor would look like upon completion, thereby ensuring the outcome met expectation. As part of this method, Mactool recommended suitable equipment, tools and chemicals. After the floor was polished, Ameripolish 3DSP sealer was applied before a high speed burnisher was utilised to make the floor shine. Following this, all the countertops were re-polished with Ameripolish SR2 Stain Protector. The client will use the Ameripolish Rejuvenating cleaner for ongoing maintenance.

Vedhant says, “We tried to transform the image of the club while still keeping its classic looks and the robust finishes for the restaurant. When it came to our choice of a polished concrete system, we knew we had to call in Henk from Mactool to assist us. There were some complicated parts such as the black pigmented edging with the brass inlays, but Charlie managed to complete this perfectly.”

“The client is extremely happy with the result and the country club is looking great – a place where outdoor sporting meets class and sophistication,” concludes Vedhant.

For more information, contact Mactool:
Tel: 27 (11) 823 1077
Website: www.mactool.co.za

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