Helping the Siyabaphephisa Educare Centre care for babies and children

by Ofentse Sefolo
Helping the Siyabaphephisa Educare Centre care for babies and children

For years the Siyabaphephisa Educare Centre was in dire straits, a mere dilapidated room made from wooden poles and a worn aluminium roof. The successful collaboration of various stakeholders, including Belgotex Foundation, Focus on iThemba, Uhambo Foundation and GROW with Educentres resulted in the construction of the new Siyabaphephisa Educare Centre in Molweni, just outside Hillcrest, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The early childhood development centre, which was officially opened in July this year, is owned by Ms Bright Zondi and caters for babies and children at pre-school level. Belgotex invested in Bright, as an entrepreneur, by providing indoor and outdoor floorcoverings and installation and contributing 50% of the infrastructure costs to build the new centre.

Bright, who also hails from Molweni, established the centre seven years ago. “The centre has grown since its renovation. It has become much more conducive to learning and it is safer. The additional space has allowed us to take on more children, increasing the number of enrolled children from 28 to 46 in a matter of weeks,” she said.

She expressed her gratitude to all the partners who came on board and assisted with the renovation of the centre.

“Thank you to everyone involved. This was my first goal towards reaching my vision for the centre, which is for it to reach international standards,” she concluded.

About the foundation

In 2015, Belgotex established the Belgotex Foundation, which has seen the successful completion of projects such as the Khazimla Children’s Project, Makabongwe School Makeover, Pietermaritzburg Child & Welfare Society and the LIV Village projects, to name but a few.

Edward Colle, Executive Director and co-founder of the Belgotex Foundation says, “Belgotex believes wholeheartedly in investing in people who are instrumental in improving socio-economic circumstances within their community. We are therefore proud to be associated with Bright because we know Molweni will be a better place because of her.”

For more information, contact Belgotex Floors on +27 (33) 897 7500 or via www.belgotexfloors.co.za.

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