Heavy duty sealant for excellent initial adhesion

by Madelein
Heavy duty sealant for excellent initial adhesion

Some flooring projects require heavy duty, instant adhesion. It is for this reason that Den Braven launched High Track, which is described as the original instant permanent heavyweight adhesive.

The product can be used on aluminium strips for stair nosings, aesthetic finishing of corner tiles, tile cornices and vertical tiling, as well as for loose tiles. It is ideal to bond tiles, natural stone, bricks, concrete, coated metals, wood or steel to flat or vertical surfaces with no mechanical fixing required. High Tack is quick and easy to use.

The product is compatible with most metals, is non-corrosive and water-resistant, odourless, low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and free of silicone and isocyanides. It also conforms to South African Green Building Council standards.

Den Braven advises that installers assess suitability prior to application as High Tack forms a durable bond after approximately 24 hours.

For more information, contact Den Braven on Tel: +27 (21) 552 9674 or via www.denbraven.co.za.

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