Sika recently launched a self-adhesive, bituminous sealing tape; one side laminated with aluminium foil.


Sika has recently launched a self-adhesive, bituminous sealing tape that provides a quick-fix solution for sealing and repair against water ingress and draughts in roofs. Called Sika MultiSeal-ZA, this DIY product is laminated with aluminium foil on one side and can be applied to a variety of materials such as metal sheet work, building cracks, the inside of gutters and other types of roofing sheet.

This new product is weather-proof, UV-resistant, butimen-resistant and can be over-painted. The application process is also very simple: Clean the surface area, cut the required length of tape, remove the release film and then firmly press the tape onto the substrate with a pressure roller. Sika MultiSeal-ZA is available across the country at DIY stores.

Sika MultiSeal-ZA is available in the following sizes:
50mm x 2,5m
75mm x 2,5m
100mm x 2,5m

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