TAL continues to experience growth amidst the state of the economy.

A myriad of South African companies are being placed under increasing financial constraints as a result of the poor performance and volatility of the rand. Manufacturers importing raw materials from abroad are particularly hard-hit by a double-edged sword – rising production costs and a customer base with diminishing purchasing power. TAL has noticed this trend and is proactive about creating a resilient strategy to persevere.

Despite these challenges, TAL General Manager Chaitan Manga indicates that the company increased sales volumes and staff numbers during 2015. He attributes this ongoing success to the company’s proactive approach in swiftly adapting to change. “We import from America and Europe, and the poor exchange rate performance has led to price increases well above inflation,” he says.

“In order to prevent these increases being passed on to our customer base, we have streamlined internal efficiencies within our organisation, thereby mitigating exponential costs in the market place and consolidating our position as the market leader in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.”

According to Chaitan, TAL’s corporate culture and commitment to product innovation ensures that South Africa remains at the forefront of international tiling and flooring trends. “We have invested substantially into a state-of-the-art laboratory that features a team of dedicated chemists that test local products and benchmark them to international standards,” he explains.

TAL also boasts a new product development team that attends industry conferences around the globe, in order to remain abreast of the latest international trends. “There is always room for improvement and, by attending these conferences in more industrialised markets, we are able to ensure that the South African market is immediately exposed to new innovations,” adds Chaitan.

Looking ahead, Chaitan anticipates 2016 will be another challenging year. “To date, we have displayed our resilience and adaptability by achieving growth in difficult conditions. Although there are not many signs of economic improvement for 2016, we remain optimistic of maintaining continued growth, not only in South Africa, but across the continent,” he concludes.