2 kg Grout bag launched in SA

by Darren
TAL Jnl 6 15

A new 2 kg grout bag has been launched in SA, with several added benefits to the end user.

To improve productivity and efficiency in tiling projects, TAL now supplies its Wall and Floor grout range in a 2 kg packaging option, considered ideal for the DIY enthusiast.  

The new 2 kg packaging option, which officially went into production in June 2015, complements the existing 5 kg and 20 kg TAL Wall and Floor grout bags.  “Having identified the issue of wastage in smaller work areas, TAL responded to the market’s needs with the introduction of this new bag size, which is ideal for smaller installations, repairs or when reviving grout,” explains Gela Ohl, TAL Marketing Manager.

TAL Wall and Floor grout is a cement-based grout specifically designed for filling wall and floor tile joints between 2 mm and 8 mm wide. For added convenience, it is packaged in plastic bags that feature a clear window. This allows users to easily identify their preferred colour options, since grout powder is the same colour as grout that has cured in the tile joints.

In the case where a latex additive such as TAL Bond has been added as a total water replacement in the grout mix, the final grout colour will be slightly darker or richer. The 2 kg bag also includes a QR code which links to TAL’s step-by-step YouTube video guide on how to grout.

“The launch of this new packaging is proof of our ongoing dedication to continual product research and development in order to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction on a long-term basis,” Gela concludes.

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