Ground-breaking wall covering solutions

by Tania Wannenburg
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Genius Concepts brings an exciting new range of fibre-glass wall coverings that suits the most creative wall finishes.

Genius Concepts is bringing Systexx Premium to South Africa. The product represents some of the very best of the fibre-glass wall coverings available.

Systexx Premium combines strength and technical abilities with aesthetics to suit even the most creative wall finishes. The product is produced by Vitrulan Textileglas GmbH in Germany, where fibre-glass wall coverings have long proved their worth. Vitrulan produces more than 4-million m2 per month.

Systexx Premium can withstand more than two tons of force without a scratch, making it perfect for hotels, hospitals, public buildings and other high-traffic areas. It is abrasion-resistant and flexible enough to cover cracks up to 3mm wide, and since it can be installed directly onto drywalls, it often completely eliminates the need for plastering while still delivering a perfectly smooth result.

Once in place, this tough yet sophisticated looking surface makes for easy maintenance, which saves time and cost. The proven hygienic attributes of fibre-glass coverings also makes Systexx an obvious choice for sensitive areas such as schools and clinics.

Apart from introducing the product to the South African market, Genius Concepts also takes the German approach towards quality assurance. In order to live up to Vitrulan’s historically high standards, Genius Concepts has implemented its own training programme for applicators that is taught at the company’s own training facilities in Somerset West, Cape Town.

Backed by a quality assurance management team trained in Germany, Genius Concepts is able to assist all its applicators with full technical and practical back-up as well as guaranteeing the success of each project and the satisfaction of every client.

Applicators are first trained in product knowledge, substrate preparation and installation technicalities before moving to a practical second stage working on projects ranging from renovations to bathrooms,  residential property and offices. As part of the training, they apply Systexx on both dry and plastered walls. Genius Concepts can now offer you the perfect solutions for all your projects.  

Genius Concepts is also expanding and in 2013 they will be training more applicators in Windhoek, Namibia and Johannesburg. Potential applicators can apply directly.

Genius Concepts
Tel:  021 851 8117
Website: www.geniusconcepts.co.za

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