Greener building projects with carbon-neutral flooring

by Ofentse Sefolo
Greener building projects with carbon-neutral flooring

In a direct response to the growing demand for eco-friendly building supplies and products, global modular flooring producer, Interface, has proudly announced that all of its products, including luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and carpet tiles, are now carbon-neutral across the entire product lifecycle.

Interface has put huge emphasis on adding items to the market that help individuals and companies reduce their carbon footprint. The company has managed to do this by completely transforming how they manufacture their flooring (ultimately reducing their own carbon footprint by over 60%) and by supporting renewable energy, fuel switching and reforestation to keep carbon in nature and out of the atmosphere.

Furthermore, Interface has endeavoured to embrace carbon neutrality in every possible way, looking beyond carbon emissions from manufacturing and including emissions across the entire product lifecycle including transportation, maintenance and end-of-life recycling.

KBAC Flooring is a trusted SA distributor of Interface products with 50 years of experience behind its name. Not only does KBAC Flooring sell Interface products, its staff members are also equipped to advise designers and customers regarding the extent of carbon emission reductions for each Interface sale made. This “environmental credentials” service makes it possible for consumers to meet their sustainability goals and keep the negative environmental impact of their projects to a minimum.

The stats

According to Interface’s internal research, every 1 000m² of Interface flooring sold will offset carbon emissions equivalent to a car travelling 43 000 kilometres, or a trip around the earth, or 11 return flights between New York and Paris.

“We now want to involve customers in reversing global warming. Architects and designers, flooring contractors and end-users realise that the products they specify and buy have a direct impact on global climate. When specifying Interface products, they can now provide proof of the effect this has on reducing embodied carbon, which is also an important marketing opportunity,” says Erin Meezan, Interface’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

For more information, contact KBAC Flooring on +27 (11) 608 4270 or +27 (21) 462 3446 or via www.kbacflooring.co.za.

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