Waterproofing and expansion joint sealing are essential and mission critical aspects of the construction industry.

Silicone and Technical Products offer a variety of silicone and acrylic sealants to aid with sealing. In addition, they have recently launched SILFLEX 525BF to the market, a conservational sealant which adheres to all the new sustainable building standards. SILFLEX 525 BF makes it easy for specifiers and contractors alike to find a green product solution.

The company was established in 1984 and is a market leader in sealants of all varieties.

Jonathan Sher, the sales manager of Silicone and Technical Products, says they can back up their services and products with experience as the company has been a supplier of silicone and acrylic sealants and adhesives to the South African market for 28 years. “Over this period of time, we have built a reputation of good quality products and competitive pricing,” he says.

Going green
The Green Building Council of South Africa and the government are putting pressure on the industry to change and behave more responsibly toward the environment.
Silicone and Technical Products’ SILFLEX 525BF raises the bar on standards making it easy to conform when selecting a sealant for your construction project.

SILFLEX 525 BF (bubble-free) is an aliphatic, thixotropic, solvent-free, moisture-curing sealant. According to Jonathan, it is a filled system that has moisture and oxidation resistance. “What gives this product the green stamp of approval, is that it is free of isocyanates and solvents,” says Jonathan. He explains that historically curing systems tended to release volatile organic compound (VOC) into the atmosphere. “SILFLEX 525 BF is environmentally-friendly and when compared to older traditional equivalent products, it holds health benefits for end-users of a building as they will not be exposed to high levels of VOC.”

Stating that SILFLEX 525 BF is an eco-friendly solution is not just another marketing ploy without any evidence to back this claim up. The sealant has been tested by The Green Pro Lab and has been proven to contain <0.5% total VOC content. “It exceeds the new standards, which state that there must be no more than 100g of VOC per litre of sealant,” says Jonathan.

The list of benefits of using SILFLEX 525 is endless. Jonathan says the product has good colour stability and a fast cure rate. “It easily skins over its surface and cures within two hours.” He says that this sealant can handle movement of up to 25% in joint width and adheres to most substrates like cement and steel. “One of the most impressive benefits of the product is that it is bubble-free. SILFLEX 525 BF is based on new technology that does not bubble in slightly damp conditions,” says Jonathan.

SILFLEX 525 BF is a flexible product that can be applied as a general joint sealer and crack filler on cementitious surfaces. “It is completely paintable when applied correctly and provides medium chemical, wear and corrosion resistance, while at the same time curing to a 20-30 Shore A hardness,” adds Jonathan.  

Services must be cleaned to optimally use SILFLEX to its full potential.  “Joints should be blown clean and dried with hot air if necessary. In severe or damp conditions, prime with the appropriate primer,” adds Jonathan.

The Technical Datasheet and VOC emission certificate for Silflex 525 BF are available on our website: www.silicone.co.za.

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