Green roofing system for East London warehouse

by Tania Wannenburg
Green roofing system for east

Thermoplastic roof addresses waterproofing, wind resistance, and thermal and energy efficiency.


When construction of the R180-million production warehouse for the German company Frederich Booysen commenced in East London, Sika’s Sarnafil roofing system was specified to supply a single-ply thermoplastic roof.

The entire roof of the almost 9 000m2 facility was waterproofed with mechanically fastened Sika Sarnafil thermoplastic sheets, welded together using an automatic hot-air welder. A common cause of leaks in waterproofing membranes is faulty seams on which sealants, adhesives or tapes have been applied. However, once Sika Sarnafil sheets are heat-welded together, a monolithic layer of material is formed that is impervious to moisture infiltration.

It was also imperative that the roofing on this large structure should be able to withstand some of the strongest winds along South Africa’s coastline. Sika Sarnafil is designed to withstand winds of up to 250km per hour, equal to Category 2 hurricane force winds.

The Sika roofing system also provides excellent thermal efficiency and reduces the energy consumption in a building. On a larger scale, these roofs lessen the urban heat island effect that is found in most cities, where the ambient temperature can be as much as ten degrees hotter than the surrounding areas.

With the 20-year guaranteed Sika Sarnafil roofing system, the new warehouse conforms to the same roofing specifications of all existing Frederich Booysen factories worldwide.

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