Green paint and wall covering solutions

by Darren
Green paint and

The Evolve paint and wall covering range at Builders is manufactured from 70% organic raw materials.


Builders allows design professions to explore their vision and be inspired by a vast array of textures, designs and colours thanks to the Evolve paints and wall covering range. Evolve, which is exclusively available at Builders, is an environmentally-friendly, premium paint range manufactured from 70% organic raw materials.

There are 20 ready-to-use shades and professionally designed wall covering themes in the Evolve range. Free colour swatches can also be clipped together in order to create customised colour swatch “fan decks”.

Use technology to find the right theme
There are innovative touch-screen displays in store where one can browse through colour themes and different combinations for interior spaces. The touch screens also allow you to select matching window dressings, lightings and floor coverings for a complete décor solution.

The paint and wall covering packaging is packaged in a unique, translucent packaging so that designers can see the exact colour of paint that has been chosen for the product. Evolve has 30 colours, 5 theme ranges, a kids range, summer range as well as the new and popular autumn/winter bliss range, which consists of seven shades to create a warm and cosy space.

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