Great Flooring Guide

by Tania Wannenburg

Why advertise your product in the GREAT FLOORING GUIDE?

We have the largest décor related distribution in the country! The print run of the GREAT FLOORING GUIDE amounts to 127 000 copies, making this is the BIGGEST magazine drive of its nature in South Africa. We found a vehicle for you to spend less and reach more consumers with your message.






Our route to market includes print media, face to face interactions, online publishing, social media and TV, thereby ensuring you 5 contact opportunities.

  • We partner with current top décor magazines and speak to consumers that are actively building and renovating. We put your product in front of people that want to buy!
  • The GREAT FLOORING GUIDE has been successfully published for 17 years and is now the sought after and trusted publication for consumers when purchasing flooring.
  • As publishers of the well-established FLOORS IN AFRICA, we have the skilled expertise to produce a flooring guide with a correct and timeous message to the consumer market. This insures that they read and refer to the publication in their decision making. We are a trusted source of information.
  • The GREAT FLOORING GUIDE prides itself on the fact that it’s the only one of its kind and has helped thousands of homeowners to purchase wiser when they buy flooring.
  • Investing in the GREAT FLOORING GUIDE gives you the opportunity to position your company as a main player in the flooring industry.
  • MEDIA IN AFRICA specialises in niche publications. We have a built reputation of producing magazines that give you return on investment in a very competitive economy.
  • The GREAT FLOORING GUIDE takes your product to almost a million consumers. It is by far the best advertising buy for you to reach these numbers in the residential market.

The Great Flooring Guide is also available for touchscreen devices, Android Devices, iPad, iPhones, laptops and desktops. Visit www.freemagazines.co.za to download your free copy!