Grass to Go

by Tania Wannenburg
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Marketed as ‘grass to go’, this specific artificial lawn offering is aimed to entice consumers and introduce them to its numerous benefits.

Take advantage of the latest trend in instant lawns in the form of Duraturf’s Leisure Grass offering.

Consumer Insight

Instant gratification from impulse shopping is a growing phenomenon due to hectic schedules and increasing time restrictions. Consumers look to products and services that ease the burden of everyday time-consuming tasks and activities, ranging from meal preparation to home maintenance and entertainment.

Gardening is undertaken by bodies corporate or garden services, but homeowners still desire attractive entertainment areas. However, they are no longer prepared to wait and will opt for the quickest, most readily available solutions and spend freely for that convenience. Furthermore, many hurried purchase decisions are made ‘on the fly’, as is the case when standing in the queue in one of those tempting “aisles of shame” strategically placed at the checkout point. Often goods are placed in these aisles as reminders, or to combat boredom, or simply bring attention to the product.

Pleasure Grass

Leisure Grass offers an instant solution to the nagging problem of dull, tiresome areas. It is packaged in handy-sized 1,5 x 2m rolls, making it the ready-made answer for an instant touch of green.

Marketed as “Grass to Go”, it offers customers a mobile, portable solution for luscious lawns at picnics, campsites or children’s play areas – encouraging shoppers to simply purchase and load a roll of Leisure Grass in the boot of their car along with camp chairs and picnic baskets, or even to whip it out at an outdoor field game! This product requires no major installation or drainage procedures to be carried out beforehand and is safe and easy to clean. For these reasons, it is a pleasure to lay, and simply enjoy!

Plant the Idea

It is advised to conveniently place Leisure Grass (available in boxes of nine rolls) near checkout points or tills in high-traffic areas to encourage that impulse buy! Visibility is key to successful stock turnover as the goal is to “nudge” a customer into buying. This makes Leisure Grass ideal to place in stores to inspire customers and remind them of its potential uses.

Some inspiring suggestions to consider are: create ‘green carpeted’ aisles; make a decorative green wall; place in a jungle-gym area or use in pause areas – Leisure Grass is the Grass to Go!

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