Graduation sees several skilled learners ready to enter the industry

by Darren
Sparrow FET graduation Jnl 5 16

Sparrow FET College held its second graduation ceremony after equipping several students with the needed skills to start working.

Staying true to their vision, Sparrow FET College has ensured that they equip young people with the ability to earn a livelihood through acquiring scarce skills. As stressed by the FET College’s Operations Manager, Melanie Malema, in the organisation’s 2014 annual report, the College has “developed a programme that – as opposed to mere training for the sake of training – promises to address skills shortages that characterise local industry.”

On 6 May 2016, the Sparrow FET College hosted its second graduation ceremony to award students from the 2014 groups across the different programs offered by the College. The graduates who were awarded included groups from the Automotive Repair & Maintenance, Fluid Power Hose Assemblies, Assistant Chef, Welding Application & Practice, Furniture Making and Installation of Floor Coverings.

Various industry partners and SETA’s who have collaborated with the College to ensure that the vision of equipping young people with skills is realised attended the ceremony. These included representatives from Spar, Mercedes-Benz, Merseta, New Tank Designs, FP & M, Everwood and FITA. The ceremony was also well attended by the pupils with support from friends and family.

“On behalf of the College, we would like to thank the parents for entrusting your children to us,” says Mary Webber, Sparrow FET College’s Client Liaison. “Thank you to the facilitators for their dedication, thank you to the SETA’s for their help with registrations. We also thank our industry partners for continuing to accommodate our learners.”

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