Goscor Cleaning Equipment : Scrubber supplied to SuperSpar Midwater

by Kwanele

Goscor Cleaning Equipment : Scrubber supplied to SuperSpar Midwater

Project location:

  • Middleburg, Mpumalanga


  • Tennant T2 walk-behind scrubber supplied and training provided.

Project description:

Super Spar Midwater selected the latest version of the T2, due to its

operational efficiency and ability to scrub, clean, suction and dry

small congested areas in one pass.  The

model provides Super Spar with the highest level of cleanliness. In

addition, the machine’s water recovery leaves the floor dry

immediately, allowing for the safe passing of foot traffic.


The T2 is ideal for Super Spar as it’s designed for environmental

safety and presents an effective cleaning solution for food and

beverage retail areas. The handy easy-to- -clean hygienic recovery

tank and debris tray reduces unwanted scrubber tank mould and

bacteria. The machine’s maintenance free battery operation emits

lower emissions for improved air quality.


The user friendly and safe design of the T2 makes the machine

extremely easy to operate, reducing operator fatigue for increased