Goscor Cleaning Equipment : Scrubber supplied to Spur and Panarottis

by Kwanele

Goscor Cleaning Equipment : Scrubber supplied to Spur and Panarottis

Project location:

  • Randfontein, Gauteng


  • Tennant T2 walk-behind scrubber supplied and training provided.

Project description:

With the revamp of both restaurants, the flooring which comprised largely of off-white tiles, were dirty and off-colour. The Spur and Panarottis franchise were looking to replace the manual method of 3 cleaners with mops, soap and buckets

to clean the 800 sqm of floor area twice daily.

The Tennant T2 Battery Walk Behind Scrubber was selected.  It is

cable-free and battery operated, so after cleaning the restaurants twice a day, it can be recharged. The squeegee

design helps to ensure that excess water and dirt is removed from the floor for minimum risk of accidents.

The operator can also replace the blades quickly and easily, when necessary or every 250 hours.

The scrubber size is ideal as it fits the 600m aisles and cleans in one pass due to the easy-to-manoeuvre

design. The machine is very easy to use and requires one operator. The 23kg of down pressure plus 230 rpm brush

speed delivered through a 0.75 kW brush motor provides powerful cleaning.