Aluglass Bautech’s Verosol sun-control blinds combine efficient glare and heat control with the benefit of an unobstructed view.

Metallised fabric blinds provide an ideal solar-control solution for curtain walls, windows and other glazed elements in commercial and residential buildings, offering a unique, colour-independent combination of glare and heat control, and view-through benefits.

From facilitating energy saving to achieving productivity gain, these high-performance blinds can also help reduce capital costs of cooling infrastructure.

What makes a good solar-control solution?
Aluglass Bautech’s range of Verosol sun-control blinds are considered fundamentals of a good solar protection product, including high reflectance, a high factor of openness and low light transmission. In fact, on sunlit facades the light transmission is less than 7%.

As a result, solving common problems often experienced with ordinary screen rollers, which in light fabrics may reduce heat gain but create glare, while dark-coloured fabrics reduce glare but increase heat gain, and dense weave fabrics minimise natural daylight and block the view to the outside.

Verosol blinds are made of Trevira CS or 100% polyester and are vacuum-bonded with aluminium on the reverse side.

Why metallised fabric?
Aluminium effectively blocks bright light, reflecting excess heat to create internal thermal comfort. This in turn helps to save energy due to a lower demand for internal cooling.

Applied in very thin layers, pores are left open to let in natural daylight and allow a perfect view through. This is important for employee well-being by reducing the need for artificial lighting. The blinds are available in varying transparencies, from ultra-transparent to complete block-out.

Aluminium also has a neutral colour, with superb colour-rendering ability and its shading properties are colour-independent. Furthermore, it is a fire-retardant material.

Part of the Verosol range, the SilverScreen solution sees an ultra-fine layer of aluminium on a screen fabric dramatically improving the solar energy performance, whilst demonstrating excellent corrosion resistance properties.

SilverScreen features:
•    Visual comfort
The SilverScrean blind system eliminates disability glare, minimises discomfort glare and limits luminance contrast.

•    View through
Being able to see through the SilverScreen blinds, occupants can benefit from a good view without compromising glare control.

•    Thermal comfort
SilverScreen blinds reduce radiation heat and facilitate better temperature control with no downdraught near windows.

Other options in the Verosol range include pleated blinds, roller blinds and the Öko-Tex and Greenguard certified EnviroScreen.
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