Grout and its many benefits are firmly highlighted in this article, while introducing the industry to the newest developments by a company that excels in offering quality solutions.

The Litochrom Starlike anti-bacterial epoxy grout currently being marketed by Tile & Floor Care, is a stain proof, acid resistant, anti bacterial epoxy grouting that is suitable for the grouting of ceramics, porcelain, glass, mosaics, brick, pebble and some natural stone.

On many occasions the grouting process of a floor becomes the forgotten cousin when consumers choose tiles and finishing’s for their homes. The grout though is an extremely important part of the whole flooring result, as substantial amounts of money can be spent on the tiles while the grout will stain leaving an unsatisfactory result. Why spend a fortune on tiles and the tiling process when the grouting will shortly become an eyesore?

Litochrom Starlike remains hygienically clean due to its non-absorbent characteristics – even in areas where food is being prepared.

Litochrom Starlike is a decorative grout that is waterproof, stain-resistant, UV-stable and anti-bacterial, while preventing the growth of mould and fungus. As such, it can be used in kitchens, on countertops, in restaurants, hospitals, bathrooms, or any area where hygiene is of importance.

Beyond its aesthetic and functional value, this product is also very easy to work with, making it ideal for the DIY market. Its range also includes a gold or silver grout additive to create a completely unique, sparkling effect.

Furthermore, Litokol has included three new collections and special finishes, as well as a range of 94 different ranges. Consequently, a grout of any colour is available to the industry, abolishing the image of grout being bland and uninspiring. It should also be noted that its application process is extremely easy, one of the most prominent advantages of Litokol epoxy grouts, not to mention the ease of cleaning – only water is required.

Add the fact that it is safe as well as easy to work with, it becomes evident why Litokol is making such an impression on the industry.