Since 2013, Global Roofing Solutions’ Klip-Tite™ has achieved remarkable success, with over 4 million square metres rolled and sold. The concealed-fix roofing system was developed to accommodate the effect of thermal expansion and contraction of roofing sheets under extreme temperatures and to provide a watertight low-pitch roof. 

Performance on site 

Klip-Tite™ mobile mills produce long sheets to any length on-site, enhanced by motorised driven de-coilers to ensure that the sheet strip is not under tension when fed into the roll-former. 

This exceptional feature effectively reduces oil canning, enabling the seamless installation of longer sheet lengths onto the roof ramp. By reducing on-site handling, these sheets can effortlessly be pushed onto the roof level. 


  • Independently tested, Klip-Tite™ outperforms any other roofing profile available in South Africa in terms of wind upliftment. 
  • Available in aluminium-zinc, galvanised, aluminium, and painted finishes, offering flexibility and choice. 
  • The Klip-Tite™ profile pan remains flat and resistant to bowing upwards during high winds and maintains its water-carrying capacity. 
  • Sheets are cut to size using a guillotine during roll-forming, ensuring a clean and precise cut. This neat, gutter-end guillotine cut optimises water drainage and minimises edge-creep issues that can occur with rough cuts (e.g., friction shaw) or burrs. 
  • Full-width concealed-fix KL700 Plus clips with pilot holes cover the entire width of the sheet, acting as a guide for installers, facilitating accurate and efficient installation. This ensures the correct installation that meets tested performance standards. 

Klip-Tite™ is an advanced concealed fix roof sheeting solution, surpassing the wind uplift capabilities of all other options available in South Africa.  

Service offering 

A comprehensive guarantee, on the product, flashings, accessories and installation, through GRS-approved contractors, provides peace of mind. GRS site inspectors play a crucial role in ensuring that the installation work aligns with the company’s standards. 

Global Roofing Solutions (GRS) has a strong presence through its eleven branches, which are strategically located across South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana along with an experienced Projects and Specifications team and an in-house Drawing Office. 

For more information, contact Global Roofing Solutions:
Tel: +27 11 898 2900

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