Glamourous flooring at Whistler

by Ofentse Sefolo
Glamourous flooring at Whistler

The recent remodelling of the Four Seasons Resort, Whistler, was headed by Creative Matters Vice President, Ali McMurter, in partnership with Sheldon Froc and Simone Ferkul at DIALOG, and Doug Hart at Four Seasons. For this massive resort project that included flooring of bathrooms to the grand ballroom, they commissioned a vast array of floorcoverings using four different product methods at mills in three different countries.

“Four Seasons is a wonderful return client so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I first visited the Whistler resort and saw the existing lobby carpet was one of ours,” said Ali. “Both its design and construction have stood the test of time but it’s always exciting to start afresh.”

Ali visited the mill in China and was able to take these interesting photos of the events foyer carpet on the loom.

Creative Matters Designer, Madeleine Baigent, worked with Ali on the designs for the events foyer, ballroom, guest room suites and the corridors. “The inspiration for the foyer was distressed cloud shapes that had been scratched away to have the textural background coming through and the two elements fading into each other,” she said.

“We worked with a palette of gold and greys where each gold had a grey partner of similar tonal value and we made sure that the contrast in tones was never jarring because lighter golds only ever touched lighter greys and same with the darks. There was always a transition between tones,” said Madeleine.

The events foyer carpet is woven Axminster in 80% wool and 20% nylon, a blend that combines excellent durability and appearance retention for areas with high foot traffic. On Axminster looms, the pile and backing materials are woven together in a single operation, also increasing their suitability for heavy traffic.

The ballroom carpet designed by Creative Matters and DIALOG Design featuring artwork by Madeleine Baigent.

As the foyer carpet lies right outside the ballroom, we used the same colour palette for both and the elements of the grey pewter background were also the same,” said Madeleine. “The ballroom carpet works in harmony with the architectural fixtures on the walls and ceiling to create a cohesive space. The repeating cross shapes of dots follow a fairly strict grid so everything stays in line with each other.”

The Creative Matters’ silver plaid carpet design found in the guest room suites.

For the guest room suites, the client wanted a fairly traditional plaid that would fit with the rustic outdoorsy aesthetic of Whistler, said Madeleine. “The design of silver plaid with cognac accents ties the room together by uniting the brown accents of the wood furniture with the grey textiles of the couches and pillows without overwhelming the space.” The carpets for the guest room suites were made with solution dyed broadloom in nylon.

The plaid elements from the guest room design were layered over with a birch/branch motif.

For the corridors between the guest rooms, “We paid a lot of attention to the balance of the greys and also to the way the borders flow through irregular corridors,” said Ali.

We were also responsible for hand tufted rugs in two presidential suites, each with a different colour palette story. Creative Matters Designer, Kayla Bortolotto, described the client’s requirements, “Softness but fresh rich colours; ombre gradients that are not typical; play with cut and loop pile to get various textural elements to have shine and depth; mostly wool with hits of silk.” The living room rug comprised an abstract textured gradient with movement –achieved by subtle cut and loop pile level changes – in rich olive tones fading into light beige.

The hand tufted living room rug in one of the presidential suites.

The public areas at the front of the hotel are graced with four rugs based on the same design and colour story. “Colour depth gradients, burgundy reds with a pop of olive green and hits of gold are surrounded by neutrals that pick up on the stone in the space,” said Kayla.

In contrast to the extensive carpets created for other areas of the hotel, the guest bathrooms feature a simple dhurrie. This style of rug is made with a flat, no pile weave on a hand-operated horizontal or vertical loom. Individually handwoven by artisans in India, each rug uses only undyed wool and provides a textured personal touch in room full of hard surfaces.

A handwoven dhurrie for each of the guest bathrooms.

Collaborating with DIALOG to create all these different floorcoverings was a fruitful and dynamic project that spanned two years. The team noted their delight in being able to work with Four Seasons yet again and to add such beautiful pieces to their international portfolio of hospitality successes.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Creative Matters Inc for the information contained in this article. For more inspiration visit: https://www.creativemattersinc.com/blog

Images: Christian Horan Photography

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