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Getting to grips with loose-lay vinyl

loose-lay vinyl

With the growing popularity of vinyl flooring in the market, most focus is on glue-down options, but what about loose-lay vinyl flooring? Adhesive-free, loose-lay vinyl sheeting, tiles or planks are designed to reduce installation times and are available in a wide range of designs. They are suitable for both commercial and residential installations, where minimising disruption and installation time is of critical importance. 

How does it work? 


The material used for loose-lay vinyl is slightly thicker than the conventional glue-down products and has slightly different construction layers to stabilise and limit movement. Innovative vinyl construction features a glass fibre stabilisation layer to enhance dimensional stability and also a unique honeycomb backing layer to ensure the tiles stay in position. 

Easy installation 


Ease of use 

Longevity and sustainability 

Key considerations 

Issue: What are the alternatives to glue-down vinyl flooring? 

Solution: Loose-lay, adhesive-free vinyl sheets, planks and tiles offer a range of benefits for both domestic and commercial applications. 

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