Getting a perfect polished concrete floor – every time

by Ofentse Sefolo
Getting a perfect polished concrete floor – every time

The Tool-Co Polishing Specification by Mactool is the solution that architects have been waiting for. With the Tool-Co Polishing Specification we can turn any structurally sound concrete into a beautiful decorative finish to rival any other floor covering. A polished surface gives you a harder more durable surface, making it easier to keep clean and maintain.

Many times, when your client wants a polished concrete floor, the picture that they had in their mind’s eye and the final installation are very different. This often isn’t the fault of the architect or even the engineer – it’s the result of having differing ideas of what a polished concrete floor should look like. With the Tool-Co Polishing Specification we can be clear on what the floor should look like and partner with the contractor to make sure the outcome meets expectations.

Mactool partners with their clients to make sure The Tool-Co Polishing Specification follows a structured process. We help by recommending the correct equipment, tools and the right chemicals are used for every type of flooring installation. This is to help minimise human error and can prevent costly mistakes from happening on site. When an architect specifies the Tool-Co Polishing Specification from Mactool, the project will benefit from years of expertise, technical knowledge concerning flooring, as well as the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

There are a number of options to choose from in the Tool-Co Specification, namely:

Executive full exposure Specification
With this option, the top +-5mm of concrete is removed to get full exposure on the stone, this is done using a 7 stage grind and polish process. We use diamond tools to expose and remove scratches and marks before applying specialized Tool-Co Grout and Binder to fill pin holes and Tool-Co Lithium Densifier strengthen the floor.

The process also involves a 4-stage polishing system followed by a Lithium Based Sealer. We use a high speed burnisher to achieve an executive shine that is easy to maintain. This is the top-of-the-range solution from the Tool-Co Polishing Specification.

There are many variables to consider when specifying a Tool-Co Polishing system. If a 7-stage application process isn’t necessary or financially feasible for a project, then a standard 5-stage or 3-stage option is available.

The solution that an architect chooses will depend on the sheen that is required as well as other performance attributes such as slip resistance.

Overlay full executive Specification
This option is ideal for white flooring, where specialised equipment and tools are needed. To avoid damaging white floors, the Mactool team will assess the strength and thickness of the floor before using a unique combination of cutting-edge grinders and weighted floor polishers.

Trowel polish Specification
This system is specified for unexposed polished concrete floors. The Mactool team uses a power-float that has been modified with brushes so that the concrete isn’t damaged. The Tool-Co Lithium Densifier is then applied before a high speed burnisher is utilised to make the floor shine.

Hand polished Specification
This system is used for countertop, furniture, gravestone and any other decorative concrete surface.

For more information, contact Mactool on +27 (11) 823 1077 or via www.mactool.co.za.

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