Get the off-shutter look

by Ofentse Sefolo
Get the off-shutter look

The label “off-shutter” describes a raw concrete look left after removing the shuttering, normally wooden planks or strips that were used as a temporary structure for fencing to contain setting concrete. These planks or strips typically leave the imprinted impression of the wooden support structure and, most prominently, the bolts.
How does one achieve the finish?
CemPlaster, one of Cemcrete’s skim-on wall products, in the colour Pavilion Grey, has been used in multiple projects and settings to create this trendy wall finish. These include retail environments, restaurants and even residences.

CemPlaster is a 4mm thick plaster, available in a variety of colours, all with natural mottling and movement. The product is skimmed onto conventional wood, floated or scratch plaster and is then sealed with Cemcrete’s SiliconSeal to create a waterproof finish.

CemPlaster is suitable for interior and exterior use, is ultraviolet (UV) resistant and unaffected by water once sealed. Since CemPlaster requires a specialised application, Cemcrete recommends always using a contractor that is familiar working with Cemcrete’s products.

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Captions Main Image:
Doppio Zero Blue Hills – Offshutter CemPlaster Pavilion Grey (9)
The off-shutter look at Doppio Zero Blue Hills was created with CemPlaster in Pavilion Grey.

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