Get the most out of a roof system

by Zuerita
Get the most out of a roof system

Roofs not only offer protection from the elements, but they provide a variety of functions for the home. According to Coverland’s Willem Grové, the advantage of successfully combining all the individual roof components is that it adds up to a more durable roof.
Roof tiles
“Thanks to the energy-efficient production process and long product lifecycle of concrete tiles, they have one of the best environmental footprints of all roofing materials,” states Grové.

Focused on innovation and the improvement of tile surfaces, Coverland manufactures a wide variety of concrete tile profiles with accompanying ridge/hip fittings, suited to create a distinct look. “Our premium coated tiles, Lumino and Flair, have unique vibrant tile colours, while our clay tile range includes a selection of contemporary and Mediterranean profiles sourced from Europe,” he says.

Roof reflectance
Roofs also affect the indoor comfort of buildings and homes. Ultraviolet (UV) rays that radiate through the roof surface make the building interior hot in the summer, but heat escapes through the roof in the cooler months. This, in turn, can spike the electricity usage for running heating and cooling equipment.

“To address this, Coverland Radenshield Aluminium membranes reflect 97% of UV rays, reducing the indoor temperature by up to 10°C in the summer, while also keeping in the warmth during the winter. It is recommended as a replacement for standard under-tile membranes, and is manufactured for residential and industrial use,” Grové notes.

Instead of mortar that cracks and leaks, maintenance-free ridges can be achieved with Dry Ridge rolls, which are mechanically fixed to a roof ridge and hip-lines.

Maintenance and leaks
One of the most common maintenance problems with roofs is leaks. “Roofs commonly leak due to flashing details that weren’t fastened properly during installation, or underperforming material. In South Africa the roof ridge and hip tiles are typically fixed with mortar that cracks, causing wind-driven rain to enter into the roof,” Grové explains.

“Maintenance-free ridges can, however, be achieved with waterproof yet breathable Dry Ridge rolls, which are mechanically fixed to a roof ridge and hip-lines instead of mortar that cracks and leaks. Coverland EasyFlash abutment rolls are a high-performing, lead-free alternative to traditional waterproofing for walls-roof junctions.”

Resisting wind uplift
Extreme wind forces pull at the roof tiles by creating pressure differences between the roof space and outside roof tiles, causing unsecured tiles to lift. Coverland underlays offer resistance against wind penetration, and recommends that nails and storm clips are used to secure roof tiles in all parts of South Africa to make sure that they are installed as per legislation.

Maximise durability
“Quality products are essential for the durability of any roof,” Grové adds. “Excellent performance and ease of use are vital components to the success of our roofing systems, and therefore Coverland roofing materials are tested on an ongoing basis at the Group Testing Facility in Germany to ensure that they conform to the relevant quality standards.”

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Caption main image:
Coverland’s Logica Plana clay roof tiles have a deep interlock to ensure weather resistance and easy fixing.

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