Get the latest trends with tiles

by Madelein
Get the latest trends with tiles

Whether it’s exotic woods, fashionable screed, precious marble or novel combinations, there are more options than ever before when it comes to tiled flooring. Designers can also make interiors as fashionable, luxurious or as earthy as they want them to be thanks to the versatility of tiles.

With innovative manufacturing techniques, one can also recreate the feel of wood grain underfoot, achieving the desired distressed timber look without the expense of antique materials or the difficulty of maintaining real wood. Other options include precise printing thanks to flawless high-definition technology or updating the popular screed-floor loft look with brand new styles that fuse the visual elements of cement and natural stone or wood.

How longevity makes tiles more affordable
Long-term costs for tiles are typically far below other kinds of flooring because of their longevity. And it’s well known that ceramic tiles are among the easiest materials to clean. Tiles are also suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers since they don’t trap allergens or release Volatile Organic Compounds. In addition, the manufacturing techniques used at Ceramic Industries’ factories are environmentally responsible and are constantly being improved.

Ceramic Industries’ range offers just about any finish, with all the advantages of a tile floor. From warm and cosy to sleek and fashionable, you can create any mood you like in a room, all with the substantial advantages of ceramic.

For more information, contact Ceramic Industries on Tel: +27 (16) 930 3600 or via www.ceramic.co.za.

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