For those looking to reduce the amount of electricity usage at home, Isover’s Aerolite® Soft Touch ceiling insulation and Geyser Insulation Pack is the solution. A combination of these two will create a more comfortable home and reduce electricity costs. 

Ceiling insulation 

Aerolite® Soft Touch ceiling insulation reduces heat flow out of the home in the winter and into the home in the summer by up to 30%, thus lowering energy consumption and reducing electricity expenses. With the current national energy crisis, opting for non-energy reliant sources for heating and cooling systems is the way to go. Loadshedding has caused negative effects on many factors of everyday life. This solution will create a safe, comfortable and thermally regulated home, while saving money on utility bills. 

Geyser insulation 

Did you know that most of the heat from the geyser is actually lost through the hot-water pipes connecting to the geyser? By insulating the geyser and pipes, up to 58% of the energy used to heat up a geyser system can be saved. The SANS 10400 XA mandate states that all exposed pipes to indoor or outdoor air, conveying hot water to and from the hot-water cylinders and heating systems, must be insulated with pipe insulation. The Isover geyser blanket serves as an additional layer of insulation, helping to further reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency.  


Peace and quiet is essential to relaxation, healing and concentration, and for those seeking acoustic comfort, effective sound insulation is a necessity. Protection from external noise adds to the sense of security and privacy in the home, enhancing overall comfort. Sound can also affect your mood and wellbeing – thus in a busy household with multi-functional spaces and several activities co-existing, it’s beneficial to manage acoustics, especially in an open-plan design. 

Issue: Hot to increase thermal comfort and reduce energy costs. 
Solution: A two-pronged approach of ceiling and geyser insulation systems delivers an energy-efficient solution that conforms to regulations. 


The importance of insulation has been emphasised and gazetted in the newly updated national building regulation on energy efficiency (SANS 10400-XA Ed. 2). The standard clearly stipulates the minimum insulation thermal performance required to ensure occupants’ comfort and safety. Implementing fire-safety measures within buildings is also governed by regulations in South Africa. Aerolite® Soft Touch ceiling insulation and Isover Geyser Insulation Pack are non-combustible, thus providing safety within the home for peace of mind. 

Aerolite® Soft Touch is available in local retail hardware stores or find an approved home installer online. 

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