SMT’s new lightweight infused flooring made using Alan Harper Composites’ reusable membranes, was recently used to replace heavy wooden panels in Germany’s ICE fleet trains. Excellent weight savings, as well as new air-conditioning, seating and entertainment system additions, were also achieved thanks to the structural composite sandwich replacement flooring.

SMT in Frost, Germany produced 25 000m² for the 66-train fleet comprising eight carriages each. The system’s simplicity and closed mould characteristics made it ideal for safety and ease of installation.

“Workers are able to gain great efficiency in moulding by the basic infusion process and clean extraction after infusion. Very little waste resin is evident and the cost and waste management savings over unsound traditional consumable bagging are significant gains for the company,” said SMT’s membranes supplier.

Alan Harper Composites is a specialist closed moulding technology innovation and production house. The company designed and produced a leading reusable silicone membrane closed moulding system that removes the need for expensive and environmentally unsound use and disposal of non-reusable composite consumable membranes and waste.

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