Futuristic insulation for thermal weak points

by Tania Wannenburg
Futuristic insulation for thermal weak points BASF

SLENTITE®, BASF’s new high-performance insulation material, is an efficient and futuristic insulation material for new buildings and for the energy upgrade of existing ones.

BASF’s new high-performance insulation material, SLENTITE®, is opening up new opportunities for customised climate management in the design and construction sectors, following a successful pilot phase.

The innovative material is based on a polyurethane (PU) aerogel and is manufactured as a heavy-duty panel displaying exceptional insulation performance. Owing to its open-porous structure, the material provides moisture regulation and thus contributes to a pleasant interior climate.

SLENTITE delivers an optimal package of all the key properties of an efficient and futuristic insulation material for new buildings and for bespoke energy upgrades of existing ones.

Heavy-duty, PU aerogel panel
Inserted between the window frame and the masonry, SLENTITE makes window modernisation even more attractive. The PU aerogel can be installed as thermal insulation wedges between walls and windows indoors and outdoors, regardless of the window frame material.

“We now have the chance to eliminate thermal weak points in the building envelope, prevent damage and enhance interior comfort,” says Dr Marc Fricke, SLENTITE’s project manager at BASF Polyurethanes.

Superlative insulation values
Architects, designers and other BASF clients are constantly on the lookout for new materials that can insulate buildings efficiently for many years to come and also open up scope for creativity.

At the same time, materials have to meet high standards of sustainability, resource efficiency and interior climate in new and modernised buildings to help combat climate change and keep buildings relevant for longer.

According to Jesper Bjerregaard, director of marketing construction and responsible for the SLENTITE market launch, this is where SLENTITE delivers further product improvements.

“With our new high-performance insulation material, we can offer the market a variety of possible solutions for the challenges of the future. In the construction sector there is big demand for innovative approaches, novel construction materials, and above all sustainable strategies for residential interiors. With SLENTITE we can meet the requirements for forward-looking architecture and infrastructure,” he explains.

Moving forward
The pilot plant for the production of sample quantities of SLENTITE was commissioned in June 2015, after which the production process for the novel PU aerogel has advanced to the next level. Currently, the high-performance insulation material is in its market preparation phase, with the first customer projects having started with cooperation partners.

In March 2016, SLENTITE was exhibited for the first time in an application of a cooperation partner. At Frontale, the biggest European trade show for window construction, doors and facades in Nürnberg, possible applications of the material were presented in two Beck+Heun products.

Next, BASF is now taking it to the K Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, on 19-26 October, where they will show delegates how visionary application ideas can become ideal solutions.

In addition, BASF’s digital construction magazine, Corpus. Constructing tomorrow, is available for free download in App stores and on Google Play.

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Dr Marc Fricke, SLENTITE®’s project manager at BASF Polyurethanes, and Jesper Bjerregaard, director of marketing construction, in the SLENTITE pilot plant.

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