GestureTek’s gesture-based interactive flooring creates an immersive experience for customers.

Many of the shoppers of tomorrow have grown up with the internet. They are familiar with smart technologies, applications, the internet and a variety of devices. Younger generations expect better experiences and customised interactions and this trend is being implemented in futuristic retail experiences where online is taking over their brick and mortar counterparts.

Canadian technology company, GestureTek, has launched a gesture-based interactive floor for retail environments that allows stores to create a destination experience within their spaces. The two flooring products, namely CUBE and GroundFX, create interactive display solutions that integrate digital showcases of products and brands with shoppers’ physical environments. The technology used in the floors enables any size or shape to be created through gesture responses.

The two flooring products form part of a wider range of interactive display technologies by GestureTek. Other display technologies allow shapes and information to be displayed on walls, counters and windows. Customers are able to interact with the displays by moving their arms, without having to hold or touch anything. To date, the company’s systems have been installed in over 8 000 locations across the globe, including in stores owned by Target, The Hudson Bay Company, Hugo Boss, Sony and Old Navy.

According to the company, interactive display solutions lead to more in-store traffic and keep customers engaged so that they stay within a store for a longer period of time. The interactive display solutions are all about driving the engagement and connection that customers have become accustomed to, thanks to online technologies.

Canadian sporting retailer, FGL Sports, installed GroundFX during renovations to their flagship stores in the country. The digital displays not only excite and engage customers who visit their stores, but also provide information. Logos and custom content can be included in the company’s new CUBE v5 technology, which is a bespoke, plug & play version of the original system.

“Our stadium of sport is reinventing sporting goods by providing an immersive and inspiring experience,” FGL Sports’ Chief Operating Officer, Chad McKinnon, told

Immersive consumer experiences allow brick and mortar retail spaces to effectively compete with the engaging, viral content and engagements that today’s customers have grown accustomed to. Providing customers with interactive experiences can help your clients connect with their target audience on a whole new level.

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