Functional sunlight control

by Darren
Functional sunlight_control

Hunter Douglas Southern Africa recently completed an installation of its Type 400 AF fins on a structure belonging to Ace Contracting.

The company designed, fabricated and installed the 400AF fins in a vertical arrangement on the steel structure. The fins have been motorised to operate in independent bays. This will allow the client to determine the position of the fins to specific requirements during the course of a day.

The installed product measured a total area of 380m² in a natural anodised colour spanning 1 100 linear metres on two elevations.

Hugo Hamity Architects first contacted Hunter Douglas Southern Africa in April 2012 regarding the installation, and this was followed by the official appointment and commencement in September 2012. The installation began in November 2012 and was completed in February 2013.

The 400AF fins were selected for this application primarily for sun-control purposes. The 400AF is a proprietary system which performs to proven performance levels with motorisation to allow client flexibility and the use of the product to specific needs.

The installation of the product required careful on-site management due to the length of the fins, as well as the vertical orientation.

The coordination and setting of remote controls for individual bays proved to be a challenge, but was successfully addressed through close collaboration between Hunter Douglas Southern Africa and the electronic goods supplier.

Upon completion of the installation, both the architects for the project, Hugo Hamity Architects, and the client were satisfied with the result both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

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