Functional flooring for The Jewel

by Ofentse Sefolo
Functional flooring for The Jewel

To afford future tenants of the spectacular Jewel Tower easy access to services in the underfloor plenum, 15 056m² of installed floor on levels 1-6 and supplied 13 197m² of material to be used on levels 7-12 of Supertec FS800 dual-functional, freestanding raised access flooring was supplied and installed by Bates Access Flooring (Pty) Ltd.

Architects opted for the Supertec FS800 dual-functional, freestanding system from Supertec Ceilings and Board to be installed at 250mm above the concrete subfloor. According to Jonathan Bates, chairman of Bates Access Flooring, the Supertec FS800 dual-functional, freestanding floor panel system is well suited for installations in a high-churn office environment and comes with a twelve-year warranty.

The Supertec FS access floor panels are structurally rigid linear assemblies made from non-combustible components. They consist of a hard top steel sheet, welded to a deep drawing steel bottom section of domed formation. The underside of the panel has four self-locating holes on the corners as well as an 18-convex salient point structure with a dome formation. The panel positively locates onto a die-cast aluminium head supported by a conductive black plastic gasket without the need for screws or stringers, which provides for a solid, easily accessible solution.

The FS system consists of a hard top steel sheet (at the back), while the underside (in the front) has 18 convex salient points with a dome design and four self-locating holes on the corners.


All these features afford high dimensional precision and panel strength. In addition, the panel is epoxy-coated and both the inside and outside are protected against corrosion.

“This product was absolutely awesome to work with – certainly one of the nicest products that we have ever fitted,” says Bates. “The supplier, Supertec, was also fantastic. Everything they undertook to do, they did on time and in accordance to the programme, so I would highly recommend them as access floor suppliers, and that is not something I say lightly.”

Experience and expertise pay off
In the business since 1997, Bates Access Flooring has installed every type of access floor that has ever been available in the country and in Africa and has successfully completed many other major projects such as the labor for Sasol, supply and installation of Discovery Place and Ernst & Young, Old Mutual and now The Marc 129 Rivonia Road.

“The challenge at 129 Rivonia was that it is one of the busiest corners in Sandton. We supplied over one million kilograms of material, and it was quite a challenge to deliver and hoist it all up into The Jewel from a street that is permanently gridlocked,” Bates says.

However, despite this and many other typical challenges that often accompany an intricate development such as this, Bates Access Flooring was one of the few subcontractors to have completed the project timeously.

“It is an honour to have been involved in such a prestigious building project in the heart of Sandton, and we enjoyed working with the Grinaker-Trencon joint venture team and Boogertman + Partners,” Bates concludes.

Bates Access Flooring
Tel: 011 608 4270
Website: www.batesaccessflooring.co.za


Supertec Ceilings & Board
Tel: 011 868 4901
Website: www.supertecceilings.co.za



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