Full turnkey access flooring packages for local supplier

by Madelein
Full turnkey access flooring packages for local supplier

Following a decision by the shareholders of Bates Access Flooring (BAF) to wind down operations, KBAC Flooring will now along with its extensive product line also focus on expanding its operations through the direct sales of access flooring.

Guy Park, the access flooring Head of Department for KBAC Flooring, is a former director of Bates Access Flooring with over a decade of experience with this flooring product.

“KBAC Flooring has had a long history in providing various types of access flooring to the SA market, so with the winding up of BAF, KBAC can now offer this service going forward. Clients of KBAC Flooring – which is currently in its 50th year of operation – will benefit from the provision of a full turnkey flooring package,” says Guy.

Guy adds that KBAC Flooring wants to work in close cooperation with designers and architects to remove all misconceptions about access flooring. “We would like designers to realise that raised access flooring does not limit their floor covering options. Access flooring is much more than just a ‘raised platform’. Specifiers should also know that various products have very different attributes and design features that affect long-term flexibility and durability.”

He concludes by saying that the team looks forward to developing solution-based products focused for specific clients. “With our wide range of raised access flooring for server rooms, data centres, general office environments and sports facilities, increased collaboration with designers on a project-by-project basis will mean that KBAC Flooring can provide a product solution that best suits any client’s needs.

For more information, contact KBAC on +27 (11) 608 4270 or via www.kbacflooring.co.za.

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