trends from Cevisama

Four fab trends from Cevisama 

News from Cevisama: Lutzía Ortiz and Ana Benavente presented the four major design lines that have set the trends for ceramic tile products in 2024 and the Spanish sector: Natural, Minimal, Cultural and LuxVersal. 

The duo from the Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH) presented on behalf of the Tile of Spain companies. 

Natural looks 

trends from Cevisama

The Natural line in traditional terracotta. Credit: Alttoglass, Cotto.

These are tiles with an elementary appearance, evocative of natural materials, featuring rough, uneven, unrefined, cracked or even burnt surfaces. They are inspired by Mother Nature and designed to convey the essence of a natural material, with porous, uneven textures that highlight the intrinsic beauty of the material they emulate.  

Minimal looks  

trends from Cevisama

The Natural line with oxidised stone. Credit: Apavisa Porcelanico, Lamiere.

Minimalist styles have moved towards more soothing, comforting, wrap-round designs. The tiles come in timeless, restful and neutral finishes with a tactile sensory appeal. In the design of these products, special attention is paid to sensory aspects to try and foster a greater sense of wellbeing. 

Cultural looks  

trends from Cevisama

The LuxVersal line as functional and furniture. Credit: El Molino, Taylor.

A caring culture can be expressed in different ways, and one of them is by recapturing the past. This nostalgia about the past has led to the development of tiles rooted in our history and culture, taking designs from the past and transposing them to simpler, urban contexts. 


trends from Cevisama

The Cultural look in Mediterranean terracotta. Credit: Peronda, FS Nouveau in Ruby.

Mirror-like polished tiles with metallic effects help to create chic, sophisticated settings, sometimes with a futuristic air. Special attention is currently being paid to textures as a key aspect of marble and stone-effect tile trends. 

Following 40 years of trends, news from Cevisama shares the four design lines for 2024. 

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