To increase the lifespan of a floor, a company with several years’ experience offers solutions as manufacturers and specialist applicators of performance flooring systems.

Manufacturers and specialist applicators of performance flooring systems, Verni-Speciality Construction Products encourage their clients to maintain a high standard of “housekeeping” on their floors.

Verni, who pride themselves on systems that are easy to clean, also manufacture their own range of cleaning chemicals suitable for their systems. “Housekeeping is vitally important – the damage that loose particles or spillages can cause can potentially lessen the lifespan of a great flooring system,” states Vernon Botha, Managing Director.

Verni’s Antibac cleaning detergent is a broad-spectrum, germicide-type detergent and provides bactericide cover against a wide range of organisms, fungi, etc. Anitbac can be used in schools, hospitals, hotels, food processing and industrial plants. An important feature of Verni-Antibac is its ability to mask most odours. It acts as a destroyer of obnoxious odours arising from non-organic organs as well as from bacterial putrefactive processes. It is not necessary to rinse surfaces off as agents present in this product ensure that these organs and processes are released freely and allowed to surface.

Verni’s more general-purpose floor detergent, namely Verni-Supaclean, is a viscous, colourless liquid for cleaning hygienic floor surfaces. It comprises wetting agents and surfactants to remove dirt efficiently and economically. As such, the use of Verni-Supaclean in automatic floor washers or high-pressure cleaning is ideal.

“Daily housekeeping by means of sweeping, mopping, automatic cleaners or high-pressure cleaning is guaranteed to extend the lifespan of your floors,” concludes Vernon.