Focused on new ideas

by Tania Wannenburg

Kirk stakeholders now further educated on Classen Group products.

Ayoub Jamal, Key Account Manager for Classen Flooring International GmbH in Germany, visited Kirk Marketing in October 2015 and travelled around South Africa to all the Kirk Marketing branches, meeting with Kirk customers and Kirk staff. Advanced training was carried out with the Kirk sales team and many interesting facts were realised about the Classen Group.

The Group supplies products worldwide – Europe (East and West), Asia, South America, North America, Africa, Middle East and Oceania. Sales for 2014 reached 380-million Euros with the growth plan (spanning until 2018) set to achieve sales of 500-million Euros.

According to Classen, they are ranked second in the world in terms of volume of laminates sold. They have several patented products and are continually innovating new ideas and solutions. For example, the Classen Megaloc patented system is used by many laminate suppliers worldwide and is a source of revenue to the group.

They also provide innovative digital printing for mass-volume laminate flooring. Classen’s patented LLT technology applies liquid overlays on laminate flooring, speeds up the process and provides a better-quality product.

Furthermore, absolute quality is paramount and non-negotiable. Quality Controls are in place on all the Classen production lines to ensure that the customer always receives products according to specifications. The company’s laminate floors’ abrasion ratings are always in the top end of the spectrum, viz. AC3, AC4 and AC5, to ensure a guaranteed-quality product.

Currently, they are developing a newer version of Neo called Sono, which will limit swelling to less than 1% and will be introduced in April 2016. It will also have restricted movement when exposed to heat, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

In January 2016 Michael Kirkland, Managing Director of Kirk Marketing, will be visiting Classen’s Baruth factory and thereafter Domotex in Hannover, and will certainly be returning with the latest Classen offerings to add to their current range.

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