Focused on innovative solutions for underfloor heating

by Darren
Warmup Jnl 5 15

Showcasing a company that is passionate about developing ongoing solutions for the underfloor heating industry.

Warmup, established over thirty years ago, continues to research and provide cutting-edge products for the under-floor heating industry. Warmup has obtained the much-coveted UL certificate and continues to export its products to several major countries world-wide, including the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Warmup’s reputation for quality and after-sales service continues undiminished. All products are sold with a comprehensive factory-backed warranty. Warmup continues to train and educate all role players in the supply chain, ensuring that installations are done to the highest standards.

Much has changed in the building industry over the last five years, including the added emphasis on energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and building methods. Warmup remains committed to providing products which provide solutions to these very real challenges.

The current electricity shortage has added new challenges to both the cost and available power required to run any electrically powered heater. While under-floor heating still remains the least expensive and most comfortable option available to homeowners, Warmup has recently introduced a range of Marmox Insulation products to the South African market which further enhance the attractiveness and cost-efficiency of the unique and innovative Warmup under-floor heating pads and under-tile heating elements.

Marmox insulation boards are environmentally-friendly and provide unsurpassed thermal heat insulation as well as being completely water resistant and having a high compressive strength. They are light weight and easy to work with, making them the ideal product to install into new and existing buildings.

Marmox insulation boards provide substantial energy savings of up to 50% when used in conjunction with Warmup under-floor heating products, and can also be used as a stand-alone insulation product in floors, roofs and walls. The boards are made from closed cell extruded polystyrene, reinforced and covered on both sides with a fibreglass mesh which is embedded into a thin cement polymer mortar. Boards are available in various sizes and thickness. The Marmox range also includes several innovative building solutions such as shower bases, water drains, etc.

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