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by Darren
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Taking an in-depth look at a company dedicated to its clients’ and employees’ needs to ensure ongoing growth.

Floors Direct has undergone significant changes over the past year and consequently now forms part of the Invicta Holdings Group, which is one of the Top 100-performing companies on the JSE over the past ten years. It controls in excess of R8-billion in assets, adding a substantial backing to one of the strongest flooring brands in the business.

Managing Director Dean Gurney and Operations Director Dale Gurney are now at the helm of Floors Direct, a brand that is very much entrenched in the flooring world. Dean comes from a financial background, with ten years’ experience in corporate acquisitions and expansion in the UK, bringing a wealth of experience and energy to the leadership of Floors Direct.

In turn, Dale has been in the building trade for twenty years, with extensive experience in construction and project management. Having worked around the world from Australia to the UK in both plumbing and renovations, Dale understands the expectations and demands of homeowners and designers alike. Both Dean and Dale are entrepreneurs who are driven, ambitious and believe in empowering their team to reach both company and personal goals.

The Floors Direct team is always innovative and on the lookout for new opportunities in terms of products and expansion. They believe that a successful business is built on trust and mutually beneficial long-term relationships, and strive to achieve this not only with their customers, but with the Floors Direct team members as well.

Floors Direct now operate eight Gauteng stores, conveniently located around Johannesburg. They specialise in plank flooring, ranging from laminated wooden floors, vinyl, engineered oak, bamboo, cork, synthetic grass and carpets, and can carry between 60 000 to 80 000m² in stock, resulting in a seamless service and unlimited supply. With the majority of stock holdings imported directly through the group, Floors Direct lives by the motto: Service and Stock is King.

Due to the fact that Dean and Dale have accumulated several years of experience in importing bamboo flooring, Floors Direct has created a Specifying Division to service the architectural and design sector of this market.

Floors Direct prides itself on being people-focused and works tirelessly to improve the quality of its teams who receive regular training, be it product-related or for personal development. Its Directors actively and passionately drive and promote the brand, with the Senior Managers, Managers and their teams delivering on the high standards they set themselves. In addition, they are dedicated to improving the lives of their customers and strive to exceed their expectations with regard to affordability, quality and service delivery.

Floors Direct have taken a proactive approach in the market, believing that South Africa has endless potential and opportunities. After opening a store in Soweto in September 2013, they are now looking to create local work opportunities by training installers – to be recruited from amongst the very people who reside in Soweto. This will allow opportunities not only within Floors Direct, but will also empower people to go out and start their own businesses and create much-needed jobs.

Dean and Dale are excited about being part of the Floors Direct team and brand and look forward to taking the company to the forefront of the flooring industry.

For trade and agency enquiries please contact Head Office on 011 475 8000.

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