Floors made for living

M.E.L. International School in Germiston provides not only a -quality private school facility for pupils, but a stylish boarding school too. It has created a decorative, engaging environment for its students with the use of high-quality D-Stona laminates. Supplied by Amari General Trading, these PVC laminates have been used in creative ways by the in-house design team at the school. 

Signature look 

Floors made for living

D-Stona in a glossy white finish on the stairs in the matric dormitory provides a neutral contrast to the marbled wall coverings of the same product.

D-Stona is an engineered marble with limestone as a major component. It is available is a range of different colours, patterns and finishes. The product is long-lasting, waterproof and quick to install. Additional features include being termite-proof, fire retardant and recyclable. 

Adding sparkle 

The junior girls’ dormitory has a glittering floor installation using D-Stona Sparkle for a young, fun and glamourous room. The durable laminate was also installed on the stair treads between the beds, completing the look.  

Glossy goodness 

Floors made for living

A room fit for a princess with D-Stona Sparkle in the junior girls’ dormitory.

Using a white floor covering in a boys’ dormitory may seem counter-intuitive, but D-Stona offered an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance surface. With white used on the floor and black on the stair treads, the unusual application of the product produced a high-end look. 

In the matric dormitory rooms, the glossy white finish provides a neutral contrast to the marbled wall coverings of the same product. 

Issue: Creating stylish dormitories for a private boarding school. 

Solution: D-Stona added a luxurious finish to the floors that is durable and easy to clean.  

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