Pigmented screed vs. quartz flooring

Jeremy Stewart, long considered the doyen of the flooring industry in South Africa offers a wealth of knowledge in all things flooring in this column. Jeremy’s experience covers over 35 years where he has served on numerous committees, Chaired various associations and is a celebrated local and International speaker on flooring.  

Pigmented screed vs. quartz flooring 

In the world of flooring options, the debate between the humble yet versatile 3mm pigmented cement screed and the luxurious 6mm quartz flooring takes centre stage. Each has its unique attributes, catering for distinct preferences and budget requirements. 

Floors Encapsulated reviews each product:

Thin set pigmented 3mm screed  Quartz flooring 6mm
Composition  Thin set pigmented 3mm screed  High-quality imported quartz aggregate and a resin binder.
Appearance  A practical and cost-effective flooring solution, offering an irregular surface with a spectrum of colour choices to suit diverse design aesthetics.  A luxuriously textured, granular surface, adorned with embedded quartz granules.

Available in 36 colours. 

Durability  Limited durability. Longevity hinges on factors such as manufacturing quality, installation quality and maintenance.  Good durability. Designed to resist abrasion and impact. 
Application  Suitable for various interior applications, it is applied over existing concrete surfaces.  Suitable for high-end settings, including luxury residences, upscale hotels and commercial spaces.

Value 4

Installation  Five-step/day process.   One to two days with specialist installers. 
Maintenance  May require periodic resealing or refinishing.  Minimal upkeep. 

Practicality vs opulence 

In the end, the choice between the two flooring systems boils down to the desired balance between practicality, opulence and budget. 

The 3mm pigmented cement screed is a cheaper, versatile option, which meets daily needs with a touch of personalisation. 

Quartz carpet is a symbol of sophistication, promising long-lasting luxury for those seeking a flooring solution that transcends the ordinary. 

Solution: An easy-to-use review of pigmented screed versus quartz carpet flooring, detailing each product’s unique attributes. 

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