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Jeremy Stewart, long considered the doyen of the flooring industry in South Africa, offers a wealth of knowledge in all things flooring in this column. Jeremy’s experience covers over 35 years, where he has served on numerous committees, chaired various associations and is a celebrated local and international speaker on flooring. 

The cost of non-compliant playground surfacing 

Ensuring the safety of children in playgrounds is crucial. One of the most effective measures to prevent injuries is the installation of legally compliant wet-pour playground flooring. With approximately 80% of serious playground injuries attributed to falls, the significance of this flooring cannot be overstated.  

Safety standards 

Internationally certified, legally compliant playground flooring companies adhere to the stringent standards. These are set forth by organisations such as the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), European Standards (EN) and other international regulatory bodies. Compliance with these standards, such as SABS 51177 for Head Injury Criterion (HIC) surfacing, guarantees that the flooring meets specific safety requirements, including impact attenuation and cushioning properties.  

Legal requirements 

In South Africa and across the globe, it is a legal obligation to implement safety measures in playgrounds where equipment exceeds a certain height. According to both South African and international laws, any playground with play equipment where children can fall from a height greater than 60cm off the ground, must have legally compliant surfacing.  

Failure to comply with these regulations not only jeopardises the safety of children, but also exposes the responsible parties to potential legal consequences. They can face massive legal penalties for non-compliant children’s playground surfacing.  

Wet-pour playground flooring 

Wet-pour playground flooring offers benefits that extend beyond meeting the legal requirements. These surfaces provide a cushioned landing in the event of falls. This significantly reduces the risk of serious injuries such as fractures or head trauma. 

Moreover, they offer durability, weather resistance and low maintenance, ensuring long-term safety and cost-effectiveness. 


Issue: Legal requirements for playground surfaces. 

Solution: High-quality playground flooring demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of children, legal requirements and promotes a culture of safety in recreational spaces. 


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