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Jeremy Stewart, long considered the doyen of the flooring industry in South Africa offers a wealth of knowledge in all things flooring in this column. Jeremy’s experience covers over 35 years where he has served on numerous committees, Chaired various associations and is a celebrated local and International speaker on flooring.  

Top 4 factors when choosing outdoor flooring 

The chosen flooring lays the foundation for an outdoor space’s aesthetics, functionality and longevity.  

These four factors show why choosing the correct outdoor flooring is paramount for creating the perfect outdoor oasis. 

Setting the tone 

Outdoor flooring serves as the literal groundwork for an outdoor living area. Whether opting for hardwood decking, durable composite materials, quartz carpet or alternatives such as stone pavers, the right flooring choice can elevate the ambiance and tie the overall design aesthetic together. Each material brings its unique blend of style, durability and maintenance requirements to the table, in step with the desired preferences and lifestyle. 

 Comfort and safety 

A pivotal role of outdoor flooring is to ensure the safety and comfort of the users of the space. Slip-resistant surfaces are crucial, particularly around swimming pools or in areas prone to rain or moisture. Materials such as textured stone, quartz carpet or composite decking with anti-slip properties offer peace of mind, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. 

 Longevity and durability 

Selecting high-quality outdoor flooring materials can significantly impact the longevity and durability of an outdoor space. Exposure to the elements – sun, rain, wind and fluctuating temperatures – can take a toll on inferior materials, leading to warping, fading or deterioration over time. Investing in premium-grade materials, designed to withstand outdoor conditions, ensures that the outdoor flooring remains beautiful and functional for years to come, saving time and money on repairs and replacements. 


Opting for sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, recycled composite decking, quartz carpet or permeable pavers minimises the environmental impact, while still enjoying a stunning outdoor space. 


Issue: Choosing outdoor flooring. 

Solution: Top four factors that influence outdoor flooring choices include aesthetics, safety, durability and sustainability. 


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