Flooring with character

by Darren
Classen Jnl 5 15

Unique spaces can be created by installing these new XXL laminate planks, which can also be combined with narrower planks.

Kirk Marketing’s premium selection of laminate flooring from Classen includes extra-long planks, 2,175m in length by 243mm in width, and the more traditional, narrower planks, 1,286m in length by 160mm in width.

These two premium selections have incorporated trendy and beautiful patterns and surfaces to create a timeless and up-to-date laminate flooring collection with unique character.

The XXL planks have a glossy pore treatment that reflects a chrome look, allowing one to experience something new every time the light changes and when one moves to a different position. Both the XXL planks and the narrower ones are 8mm thick with bevelled edges all the way around. They can also be combined to offer a more distinctive-looking floor.

These laminate floors are suitable for areas subject to commercial use (32/AC4) and have a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee. They are easy and quick to install due to the patented Megaloc system and are also protected with Isowaxx, a substance that moves upwards during installation to form a moisture-resistant seal.

Kirk Marketing stock six of the XXL patterns and four of the 160mm patterns, thereby offering specifiers and customers a great variety of choices. The industry can look forward to more patterns that will be introduced in 2016.

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