Flooring Trims keep moving their way up

by Darren
Kirk Trims Jnl 4 15

Trims that are designed to meet the demands of flooring that extends beyond the floor area and moves up onto walls and columns.

So often the focus is placed on flooring trims, which are used according to each floor type. Some current trends show how these differing flooring types continue up onto walls and columns.

As a result, these walls and columns need corner protection on external corners, and Kirk is proud of its large range of M.Trim corner protectors which are made to protect the edge of tiles, mosaics, screeds, laminates and/or carpets. The M.Trim corner protectors offer specifiers a range of options and more versatility when selecting flooring types that can in fact extend up walls and columns.

M.Trim products also offer specifiers aesthetic and functional options – some with small sightlines and some with larger, more functional sightlines.

Their retrofit corner protectors are easy to fit and install and are available in PVC, aluminium, brass and stainless (plain and patterned) steel in different sizes made to fit any flooring or wall type.

The tiling used in corner protectors are made from different thickness tiles and corner sizes. M.Trim offers the option of making bespoke stainless steel corner protectors to fit specifiers’ requirements while its stainless steel is brushed, polished and comes in patterned varieties.

The powder-coated and anodised internal corner beadings are better suited for light-duty protection and aesthetics. Similarly, the powder-coated and anodised square-edge corner protectors work well with mosaics.

M.Trim has many more edge trims available, which function effectively as corner protectors, however, this editorial has just showcased a few options.

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