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There are a variety the flooring trims to go with floor types. Some flooring types today continue up onto the walls and columns, but still need corner protection.

A wide range of corner protectors

Kirk has a large range of M.Trim corner protectors made to protect the edge of tiles, mosaics, screeds, plaster, laminates and/or carpets. The M.Trim corner protectors give specifiers options and versatility for protecting whatever flooring type continues up the walls and columns.

M.Trim products also gives specifiers aesthetic and functional options, some with small sightlines, others with larger more functional sightlines.

Different finishes and sizes

The M.Trim retrofit corner protector in PVC and aluminium.

The retrofit corner protector is available in PVC, aluminium, brass and stainless steel in different sizes, is easy to fit and made for any flooring type. These are often used in renovations and upgrades, but also in new builds. Tile corner protectors are made for different tile thicknesses and corner sizes and are available in the same materials as the retrofit.

Corner protectors to suit your every need

M.Trim stainless steel corner protectors
  • M.Trim’s stainless steel corner protectors (in brushed and polished) can be bespoke to fit the specifiers’ requirements.
  • M.Trim’s aluminium corner protectors can be anodised or powder coated.
  • M.Trim’s PVC corner protectors are only available in black and white.
  • M.Trim tiling trim’s extensive range acts as corner protectors to tiled columns and walls.

Commercially, these corner protectors are used on walls and columns in airports, shopping centres, hyper stores and anywhere trolleys are used.

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